15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Social Media For Business

15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Social Media For Business

Rescue A CEO 

#13- Showcase our professional work

In under six months, we have close to doubled our Facebook and Linkedin follower base as well as grown our twitter follower count by over 400%. In line with this strategic community build up we have also created and integrated a new Instagram account and Medium publication. Each platform, while serving its own standalone purpose has been integrated into the entire profile with the intended purpose of portraying a more robust profile giving users an opportunity to work with us professionally as well as follow our story of grassroots growth. The critical element to our success, we find, has been authenticity. From the outset we fully embraced who we are, which is a boutique Recruiting Agency based in Cyprus, in every element of our online presence, visually represented through olives and almonds and replacing stock “professional” images with more authentic imagery from the island. We use our Facebook account to showcase our professional work through job postings, magazine articles and work images. Our Medium publication showcases our community and our individual personalities and interest while our Instagram remains lighthearted and follows our journey often with the hashtag #recruiterlife. Through raising our public profile we have seen a dramatic increase in business traffic.

Thanks to Kevin R. Brown, HR Innovate!

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