How is the Cyprus job market coping with 'the Great Resignation'?

The #GreatResignation that has left unheard of levels of #vacancies unfilled across the global #jobmarket, which is being driven by candidates who, having weathered the disruption of COVID, #lockdowns and the scramble to #workfromhome, are signaling their discontent with the office culture of yesteryear.

And when it comes to Cyprus, says recruiter and HR Innovate founder Katerina Andreou, this has seen both C-suite level candidates, but also Gen Z professionals, depart their previous employment - often without having another job lined up.

But is the Great Resignation a true paradigm shift, or merely a 'Great Pause' in terms of the island's job market?

In this Careers Express video, Andreou tells CX host Elisabeth Kesterlian how long the phenomenon is likely to last, what the unmet needs driving droves of employees to seek the exit are, and what companies in different sectors can do, to attract and retain the people they need.

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