Despina Christoforidou

HR & Recruitment Consultant, HR Innovate

BSc Political Science – University of Cyprus, Cyprus

MSc Human Resource Management – University of Essex, UK

Born and brought up in Nicosia, Cyprus, Despina has always been dreaming of better life conditions and higher living standards for everyone and that is how volunteering came into her life. As a member of the Nicosia Volunteering Body, Despina tries to help people struggling in their everyday lives as much as she can. She is also an animal-lover, financially contributing to animal shelters, as much as possible. Of course, environmental acts could are significant to the former, therefore, Despina is an active supporter of recycling, of reducing pollution and generally the use of alternative energy resources or materials that are not as harmful for the environment. She is also a team member of the official and free newspaper of Strovolos municipality “Epikinonia” and she is responsible for designing the newspaper.

Growing up and realizing, however, that work is one of the main parts of an adult’s daily life, Despina decided that she should find her place in the market, in a way that she will be still able to help people improve their working conditions, to find the balance between work-life and hence improve their lives. A Political Science degree at the University of Cyprus was the first step and the door that opened the way to her primary goal of studying Human Resource Management.

In her working life she has managed to have various jobs, from customer service, to secretary, from sales person to HR & Recruitment Consultant, however, she always dreamt of a suitable job position that would enable her to apply her passion of helping people and improving lives. In 2017, she got her first full time job position in recruitment, receiving her first experience of how recruitment operates in the fields of domestic work, hospitality and agriculture. As Area and HR Manager, Despina was responsible for the smooth operation of the Nicosia branch, the provision of quality service to the company’s clients and the development of any HR related documents for internal or external use, like employee handbooks, policies and strategies, company profiles etc. Two years later, in 2019, she joined HR Innovate as an HR and Recruitment Consultant.