Despina Christoforidou

Lead HR & Recruitment Consultant, Cyprus, HR Innovate

BSc Political Science – University of Cyprus, Cyprus

MSc Human Resource Management – University of Essex, UK

Despina is an ally of better work and life conditions for everyone, supporting work-life balance, fair treatment and ethical workplaces. She believes that recruitment is one of the most impactful ways of recreating fair workplaces and provide opportunities to everyone to find the job they deserve!

Honesty, calmness and organization is what characterizes her the most. Her weaknesses? Honesty, calmness and organization! No, it’s not a typo! She’s usually too honest, that she may hurt some feelings, too calm, that she may get on some nerves and organized, schedule-wise, desk-wise and backpack-wise!

Member of the Nicosia Volunteering Association, and a volunteer for Cyprus Civil Defence, Despina is clearly a people-person, always willing and ready to help those in need. In addition, Despina adores animals, being an active supporter of shelters. Respectful of the environment, Despina is also a Green Ambassador, promoting recycling, reducing environmental pollution and unnecessary energy consumption.

You will usually find her caught up with Pilates, yoga, reading, designing and organizing during her free time. All 5 of them, contribute in staying calm and mindful, creative and motivated.

Her education in Political Sciences and later in Human Resources, in combination with her experience in HR, customer service, administration and sales give almost a complete idea of who Despina really is!