Julie Georgiou

HR & Recruitment Consultant

BSc Business Management – University of South of Wales

Born and raised in Cyprus with Bulgarian heritage, Julie is a graduate of the University of South of Wales where she did her BSc in Business Management and got the beginnings of a travel bug.

After graduating she wanted to explore different opportunities which lead her into aviation. Being a cabin crew member for a couple of years she was able to develop key skills such as understanding human behaviors and developing a deeper understanding of different cultures.

As a personality Julie is known as a good listener and a people’s person, always wanting to help and keen to be among people. This led her into the HR world where she found a career path suiting both her character and passions.

Starting out her career in recruitment, she was attracted to the dynamic, diverse and changing landscape that Recruitment entails and how no one day is the same as the next. Best of all, being able to help anyone to pursue their dream job, offering them guidance and advice became the thing she loved most.

Which bring her to HR Innovate where Julie has added her own blend of humour and expertise to this ever-evolving team.