Katerina Andreou

Founder – HR Innovate

BSc (Hons) Psychology - UK

MSc Occupational Psychology - UK

British Psychological Society Registered - UK

Corporate Member Cyprus HRMA

Guest Writer for Entrepreneur Europe and Thrive Global

Born in Africa and brought up in the Middle East, Katerina is a traveller by nature and this remains one of her passions. Having studied psychology in the UK and Cyprus, she remained in the southern counties of the UK to enjoy a diverse career in Social Care and mental health services. Moving to Cyprus in 2006 she professionally moved into Management and HR. The common denominator is People, her primary interest and drive is for People and their well-being whether at work or in their personal life and this remains at the core of her founding of HR Innovate. Ethical business and people centred approaches will, in our view and experience, ensure longevity and solid success for any business entity.

Katerina brings with her local knowledge, a deeper understanding of the socio- political and cultural context to the work place in Cyprus and the Middle East and an international approach. Her psychological expertise in profiling clients, roles and candidates means she particularly enjoys the coaching and consultancy aspect of HR & Recruitment, relishing meeting new clients and candidates and establishing enriching partnerships and mutually beneficial networks.

The scope of our client reach and networks has enabled her to collaboratively work on projects within challenging and vibrant sectors as diverse as Shipping and FinTech.

Experienced at sourcing staff globally, this too offers an excellent opportunity to expand on a strong, existing talent pool and to hone our expertise in terms of mastering new markets, each unique with respect to their culture and requirements.

Always true to her beginnings in mental health and Child Protection expertise Katerina is also a volunteer and dedicated Child Protection Advisor for OWAAT - 'One Woman At a Time' which provides the first, international internet blueprint toolbox designed especially for abused women to "Self-help Your Right To No Contact" which can be viewed at www.owaat-cy.com.