Kiki Kallis

HR Consultant

Make-up enthusiast


Ex-Board and Fellow Member of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association (FCyHRMA)

Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) UK

With academic studies in Psychology and Human Resource Management and an international career spanning over 20 years with large multinational corporations Kiki enjoys working on HR projects with organisations with diverse populations willing to invest in their people agenda and wellbeing. Her favourite topics include organisational culture, employee engagement and wellbeing as well as talent acquisition among others.

Additionally, having pursued a favourite past-time with professional studies as a makeup artist she has participated in photoshoots while building up her clientele.

For years, having been encouraged by her supportive fellow CyHRMA Board Members, she has been writing business articles. More recently she took to blogging on both of her professional passions: HR and makeup.