Melissa A. Thomas

Recruitment Specialist – HR Innovate

Member of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) – UK

Member of the Association of Residential Lettings & Property Management (ARLA) – UK

Associate Member of the Guild of Professional Estate Agents – UK

Author & Poet - Unpublished works

Born in London United Kingdom and relocated to Cyprus as a child, Melissa is an adventurer at heart and has spent most of her adult years experiencing and learning how adapt to different lifestyles. Having taken every opportunity she could, Melissa has travelled to many countries in her search for her main passion, which was and always will be the Power of the Mind.

Melissa is a proud author of various unpublished works, which include two novels and some short stories and she is currently in the process of finishing a poetry collection.

Having worked most of her career in the Real Estate sector, Melissa found a love for working closely with others to assist them in achieving their goals and dreams. Building fruitful, healthy relationships with people, understanding their needs and identifying any obstacles along their journey in order to overcome them with ease is what Melissa is most accomplished at - all the while maintaining the upmost professionalism.

Recruiting is a way for Melissa to blend her passion of the human mind with her professional interests. With the right work ethic, team and tools, Melissa believes you can achieve anything you set your mind to; which is why she feels at home being a member of HR Innovate as we all share the same passion for people and their well-being.