Phivos Hadjinicolaou

HR & Recruitment Consultant, HR Innovate

BSc Social Anthropology – Goldsmith’s University of London

Born in Cyprus and raised across Europe from a young age, Phivos experienced a plethora of cultures and people from different backgrounds. This experience eventually led him to his studies in social anthropology at Goldsmith’s University of London. Understanding the value in diversity and being able to see how people interact with their environment on a day to day basis is a people-based skill that Phivos learned to employ in sales strategies and elsewhere, professionally.

Having strong experience across various sectors and roles, from digital marketing and advertisements, to corporate development and sales, he brings experience from tech to social-skill demanding roles. A strong moral compass directs him to work with those who stick to the values that they promote, making a healthy quality of life a factor he strives to support and deliver.

An avid chess player and former tennis competitor, Phivos enjoys healthy rivalries and competition. He believes that they drive positive growth both for the individual and community.

Creativity and imagination are also close to his heart. He likes to spend his time creating narratives and stories through a relatively old fantasy table-top medium, Dungeons & Dragons. He believes that story telling helps people’s minds flourish, and is an excellent tool of connectivity.