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We are an international, HR advisory and recruitment agency. Proud of our customized HR interventions and services, we also offer headhunting and executive recruitment to a select portfolio of companies globally and in Cyprus. The team are all HR specialists and is comprised of a UK qualified business psychologist, an international training and education specialist from the USA and human resource experts from UK and CY Universities. What we aim to do each day is provide something truly special with our service: passion and sincerity. As a collective of like-minded professionals, we consistently work towards maintaining long term relationships with our clients and candidates and building on conscious business relationships. We profile and identify with every candidate and client, diverse in our approach and with a flexible design to empower clients in creating a workplace of excellence.

We will find you the right employees to guarantee your business’ success. Using our extensive international networks, we can head hunt and find that perfect person to join your team and guarantee your company's longevity. We appreciate the limited time available to decision makers and managers and we are offering to take away the overload of admin-heavy work when it comes to advertising and sourcing eligible candidates for vacancies. We will advertise, screen and interview for you. You will then receive a short list of potential candidates ready and primed for interview. No fee to pay until we find you that perfect recruit. Advice and consultancy is free. We believe in transparent, cutting edge HR and Recruitment with defined parameters and clear job specs, fair conditions for all and above all we are tenacious in our approach and spirit, so we will not stop until we recruit for you that ideal candidate.

  1. WOW Service. To continue to go beyond the norm, to go the extra mile always for our clients and candidates.
  2. Transparency. To ensure we are honest and up front as much as possible with both our clients and candidates.
  3. Customer Service. To appreciate the individual differences in companies and people and always strive to offer solutions and service specific to them.
  4. Human Empathy and authenticity. These go a very long way, hard sales do not. We continue to be us.
  5. Fun. How we are with people is affected and reflected in how we approach our job, a sense of humour and fun is essential.
  6. Solution focused. Positive, creative solutions can be found to everything.
  7. Quality over Quantity. We are not a human conveyor belt of profiles; we send the best and only the select profiles and content that we honestly believe in.

HR Innovate stands for people, their welfare and a better community whether that’s through assisting them with employment or HR or whether it is through our greater role and responsibility in our community. We chose Innovate as part of our name because we believe it’s time for a fresh approach, we want to encourage the spread of new ideas and innovation. With this in mind, we are proud to stand alongside the following local partners who are also striving for the same ideals albeit for different causes.

Our community refers to our on and off line supporters, friends and collaborators all over the world. Be they candidates, clients or cherished allies, we take great pride in our relationships and the conscious effort we make to foster strong links to like-minded and conscious professionals.

We actively partner with and support NGOs or other types of organisations trying to work for the benefit of others whether it's through community based events or CSR activities, we are staunch believers in business for the benefit of communities.

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