Head Teacher

Nicosia, Cyprus

education / senior-management

Head Teacher

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Head Teacher is directly responsible to the school’s governing body through the Board of Directors.

Strategic purpose

The post holder shall be responsible to the board of Directors for the overall leadership and management of the school, leading governors and colleagues in the development of strategy, policy and development plans. In particular s/he shall advise on and implement rigorous academic and pastoral policies to ensure that students receive the highest standard of education, and that demanding and measurable targets and objectives are set for staff.

Job Description

  • S/he shall lead, manage and develop staff to ensure that the school’s organisation, curriculum, and resources enable everyone to achieve the highest possible standards.
  • S/he shall ensure the highest possible standards of education through the promotion of effective teaching and learning, a balanced curriculum, the provision of excellent pastoral care and support for students and a rich extra-curricular programme. Pastoral care responsibilities to include School Psychologists and in general to oversee the Special Education Program
  • S/he shall lead and direct all members of staff and students, through the direct management of the school’s leadership team, ensuring that effective responsibility is delegated through an appropriate management structure, and that the school complies with educational and other relevant legislation, including health and safety.
  • S/he shall be responsible for promoting the aims and values of the school and ensure effective communications with all stakeholders, including governors, staff, pupils, parents, the community served by the school, the relevant government agencies.
  • S/he shall attend meetings of the governing body, provide governors with regular reports on school developments and activities and consult with the governing body wherever appropriate, for example in the formulation of development plans.
  • S/he shall keep abreast of changes in government policy and wider educational practices, and shall be accountable for the effectiveness, efficiency and quality outcomes of all aspects of the school, including financially assist in supervising quotations required by the school and report to the directors, pupil behaviour and discipline, educational and support services, and marketing and communications.
  • S/he shall lead the shaping of the school’s future and ensure that everyone is enabled to contribute effectively to the progress and development of the school. To this end S/he will hold at the forefront of the role to promote and push forward the school’s dedicated approach to the use of technology in it’s instruction.
  • S/he shall support the busy and varied life of the school, attending its events and wider programme of activities.
  • S/he shall ensure that child protection and safeguarding of students are given high priority at all times.


Conditions of Employment

  • The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the written statement of conditions of employment (the contract of employment).
  • In particular, attention is drawn to the requirements entitling headteachers to a reasonable amount of time during school sessions, having regard to his/her teaching responsibilities, for the purpose of discharging his/her leadership and management responsibilities.
  • To uphold the school's policy in respect of child protection and safeguarding matters.
  • The post holder is required to support and encourage the school’s ethos and its objectives, policies and procedures as agreed by the governing body.


Candidate Profile

  • First degree.
  • Qualified teacher status.
  • A continued commitment to own professional development.
  • Proven experience as an assistant/deputy/headteacher of the same phase school
  • Teaching experience within the designated age range.
  • Knowledge and experience of child-safeguarding issues and successful use of measures that promote and ensure the safe-guarding of children.
  • Models of effective leadership and organisational structures.
  • New technologies and their potential impact.
  • Strategic planning processes, tools and techniques.
  • Ways of achieving stakeholder and community engagement.
  • Leading change, creativity and innovation.
  • Think strategically, analytically and creatively.
  • Build capacity and achieve sustainability.
  • Deal with complexity and uncertainty.
  • Build a vision and communicate clear purpose and sense of direction.
  • Anticipate, lead and manage change.
  • Use research to support and challenge practice.
  • Inspire, challenge, motivate and empower others to attain challenging outcomes.
  • Celebrate achievement and acknowledge excellence
  • Use proven methods to ensure the specified teaching standards are harnessed and maintained by all teaching staff.
  • Curriculum design and management.
  • Principles of quality learning, teaching and assessment including school review and self-evaluation.
  • Use of external support and expertise.
  • Behaviour and attendance management.
  • New technologies to support learning and teaching.
  • Strategies for improving outcomes and achieving excellence for all.
  • Tools for data collection and analysis.


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