Junior International Program

Nicosia, Cyprus

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Junior International Program

Nicosia, Cyprus

Newly graduated professionals who aspire to develop your skills and knowledge and laying the foundations for a successful career, this one is for you! Let us introduce you to the Junior International Program.

The Junior International Program is a development program for young professionals designed and implemented by the ALSA Group for its International Road Passenger Transport division. During 2020, the Group will start operating public transport in certain areas of Cyprus. This is a great opportunity for young talent that seeks to grow and contribute to the creation of a transport company from the beginning.

The program involves recruiting young professionals so that, through a carefully designed international training plan lasting three years, they can develop their skills and knowledge, laying the foundations for a career with the Group.

Program Objective

To search for talent and allow it to grow within the Group.

The development and training of people with strong potential who, by integrating the Group’s values and culture, will grow professionally and personally in order to take on positions of responsibility in the near future.

The Program

An employment contract with a trial period of 6 months will be signed and the participant will be registered with Cyprus’ social security system.

The working conditions during this phase will be those set out in the Group’s Junior International Program, adapted to local legislation, according to which the participant will not hold a position within the Company’s organizational chart and will not be governed by its collective agreement. They will report to the person designated by the Company, who will usually be the head of the department where they work.

Every six months, participants will undergo a performance evaluation, which will allow their progress within the program to be analyzed. This evaluation will provide feedback to be given in interviews and vital decisions will be made regarding the tasks to be undertaken, training, and possible department changes etc., as well as the decision regarding whether the participant will continue with the program.

Additionally, at the end of each year they will receive the plan for the next period, which will outline the aims and expectations relating to their professional development.

The program consists of two separate stages:

Initial training plan (1st year)

During the first 6 month, an introduction plan to the department will be undertaken. This plan will expose the participant to the departments, organization, activities and roles within the Company. By the time the training is completed, they will be assigned a position in the department where, under the supervision of a manager/mentor (normally the department head), they will complete different tasks, functions and projects aimed at familiarizing them with the department and the business.

During this phase, they will also be given specific training to strengthen any aspects that require improvement or support, with particular emphasis on English as a basic communication tool.

Development plan (2nd and 3rd year)

Over the next two years, specific plans will be designed according to participants’ performance so that they can continue to develop professionally and personally.

In this second phase, program participants will assume different roles with progressively more responsibility within their department, or they may change to other departments to gain a wider appreciation of the Company and its business. During this phase, various types of training will be given to improve their performance. During the process, the combination of the development of specific skills and each participant’s personal and professional expectations will define their future areas of specialization within the Group.

The program may be terminated at any time if evaluations detect poor performance. Once the program has been completed successfully, the Company will offer the participant a specific position, where they will begin their career within the Group, subject to the role’s work conditions. At any time during the program, particularly at the end, work opportunities arising in other companies or international projects belonging to the Group may be offered to participants. It is therefore vital that they have a clear and determined vocation enabling them to accept with change and moves to other countries.

Positions Available

  • Operations
  • Workshop
  • HR
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Central Services

People Eligible for the Program

  • University graduates with little or no previous work experience
  • Proficient in English (a recommended minimum of level B1)
  • Eligible for a work permit in the country of destination
  • Fully available to participate in international programs and career trajectories with international moves in the present and/or future
  • Potential to become a high-performing professional
  • Organizational and management aptitudes
  • Vocation for staff management

Areas for Professional Development Within the Group

The areas of specialization will be within a Department of a company in the road passenger transport sector. As in any multinational group, professionals may grow from a specific point in one of its companies to corporate roles or even senior management.


The program will provide attractive conditions for young, inexperienced participants and increase their wages each year, thus setting them on a gradually increasing path over the three years of the program.


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