Christos Charalambous

HR Officer & Lead Fintech Consultant, HR Innovate

BSc Business and Public Administration – University of Cyprus, Cyprus

MSc Human Resource Management – University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Born and brought up in Nicosia, Cyprus, Christos is a graduate of University of Cyprus, holding a BSc in Business and Public Administration and an MSc in Human Resource Management. His degrees have provided him with a strong foundation as well as barricaded him with good communications skills, being mindful of how the significance of proper communication in the business environment cannot be over-underlined.

Nevertheless, Christos’ HR career path has just begun! His first introduction to Human Resource Management came as a result of an encounter with Stavrou–Costea Eleni, professor at University of Cyprus’ Business and Public Administration Department. It was as a consequence of this encounter that Christos was able to get an understanding of the roles played by human resource in dealing with human related issues in organizational prosperity. Christos commenced on a work experience placement with the Accounting and Human Resources Departments within a major audit, tax, accounting, legal, consulting and financial advisory services company, which proved to be a real eye opener. The erect scale and diversity of tasks the human resources team had on its hands when it came to managing a diverse workforce of hundreds of people was almost phenomenal. Christos found the number of distinct roles that take place as part of such a large human resources team very amusing and he was contented to be allowed to get involved in a number of workforce projects and develop his own understanding of Human Resource Management.

In 2020, he joined HR Innovate as an HR Administrator.