Kevin R. Brown

Partner – HR Innovate

BA Spanish – USA

MAT Curriculum & Instruction – USA

Born in the Washington DC Metropolitan area with roots in Kentucky and El Salvador, Kevin loves to travel, is drawn to technology and music in his down time.

Between 2010 and 2015 Kevin worked as the Associate Peace Corps Director of Peace Corps, Costa Rica where he built a project focused on improving the pedagogical practices of public school teachers in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. A skilled Recruiter and mentor Kevin was responsible for the recruitment and retention of annual cycles of volunteers crucial for the projects’ success. During this tenure, Kevin and his team of more than 230 volunteers assisted the Ministry in rewriting the National Curriculum of English delivering pedagogical workshops to teachers around the country.

Kevin twice received a scholarship from Georgetown University in conjunction with the United States Department of State to live and work in Lomé Togo, West Africa where he built various projects within the University of Lomé with the assistance of the United States Embassy in Togo.

Kevin received a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Trinity University in Washington DC in 2006.

Kevin is a self professed fan of dogs and robots.